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Welcome to Fluffyslip

Are you tired of browsing endless online stores and brick and mortar shops to find the perfect decor items for your home? Look no further than Fluffyslip, the new bedding and decor ecommerce store that's here to simplify your shopping experience. Founded on December 7,2022 in Queens, NY, Fluffyslip's mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all things home decor.

But Fluffyslip is more than just another online store selling products. Their approach is unique, as they aim to provide you with a fresh perspective on how to refresh your living space and make it unique, much like putting together an outfit. They don't just sell products; they want to help you express your personal style and creativity.

The owner of Fluffyslip is a computer art major with extensive experience in sales and managing some of your favorite brick and mortar retail stores. With all his knowledge and expertise, he decided to start his own business, bringing his unique vision to the ecommerce world.

For now, Fluffyslip offers a range of products, including Duvet cover sets, throw blankets, pillows & more. But as time and business continue to grow, they plan to expand their categories and increase their product assortment, providing a better assortment for customers to pick and piece their space together.

So why not slip into the fluff of comfort with Fluffyslip today and transform your living space into a place that truly reflects your personal style and taste?

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